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I must admit I never really saw the point of tapestries & thought they were reserved for the homes of alternative lifestylists. That was until I struggled with homelessness & constantly moving from sharehouse to sharehouse & for years I lived out of a bag & didnt really feel like i had a "home". Home to me was where my dog was. I understand the importance of the concept of a "home" & not having one physically I had to find a way to feel like I was at home no matter where I was!

It wasn't just about redifing home decor with brilliant artistic designs but I realized the importance of decoration & items that I could associate with my safe space like my dog sees his blanket as his portable bed!

A tapestry was light weight, easily transportable & easy to add to any space that instantly gave me a feeling of safety & "home". Tapestries are now a huge obsession of mine!! With so many uses such as easily hanging them on walls, draping them on beds, dividing a room in a crowded sharehouse, covering up that  used worn or broken furniture you picked up off the side of the road that does the job but you can't stand to look at because it reminds you of the financial hardships you face or just hiding your secret stuff. Wall Tapestries let you colour your world in large-scale independent art without breaking the bank! Incorporating them into my home I have found a way to create a homely feel in even the most horrific living situations!

I want you all to experience the relief I have felt by adding one of these beautiful tapestries to your home too!! 


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